September 29, 2008


I was planning to prepare some good dish from my collection with wholegrains,but unfortunately was not able to.So I decided to share some facts on wholegrains which is one amoung many articles I collect about food and health.

Wholegrain refers to the all cereals which include the 'whole'grain

Bran-the fibre rich outer layer

Endosperm-the starchy middle layer

Germ-the nutrient packed

In refined grains like white flour and white rice the bran and germ are removed leaving only the endosprem
The bran and the germ contains the highest nutrients

Some wholegrains are
Wholewheat,dahlia-cracked wheat,brown unpolished rice,oats,jowar,ragi,bajra,barley,maize

Health Benefits

Consuming wholegrain as a part of low-fat diet helps maintain a healthy heart

Contains nutrients like vit-B,chromium,zinc,fibre which help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

They release their sugars more slowly and make you feel satisfied for longer

Are important source of soluble and insoluble fibre to maintain a healthy bowel and good digestive system

Being low in fat and high in fibre they help you feel fuller to avoid the temptation of snacking

Some Tips
Choose wholegrain cereals but beware of the added sugar content

Make your own mix- pressure cook whole bajra,jowar,black urad dal with ajwain seeds and add milk and fruits of your choice

Mix dahlia,brown rice flakes,oats and cook,serve with milk and fruits

Choose brown rice or whole wheat pasta instead of white ones

Use whole wheat atta with a combination of jowar,bajra for tasty rotis

Add dahlia to salads,soups

Use barley in stews and gravies

Add oats to biscuits and crumble toppings

Hope it is useful and Iam sending this to JFI-WHOLEGRAINS hosted by Suganya which was started by Indira of MAHANANDI


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