September 27, 2008

Events in the blogosphere are indeed very interesting and one of the events I like is WYF hosted by EC.This event really makes you think what you really like which has forcibly changed over the years or you have even forgotten.Though I really enjoy any type of salads,this one is just irresistable and I can have any number of serving at any time of the day.This is one dish that both my children too relish which is very rare

Thick Curd-3 or 4 cups
Cucumber-2 medium size
Green Capsicum-1 medium size
Roasted peanuts-11/2 to 2 cups
Seedless Dates-150 gms
Green chilly-3 slit
Salt-as required
Sugar-1 tsp

Cut cucumber and capsicum finely without seeds
Chop onions and dates finely
Use de-skinned peanuts only
Thick curd is prefered,tie the curd in a muslin cloth and just hang it for half an hour you will get real thick curd
Mix all the ingredients together
Serve chilled with rotis,pulao,rice varieties
Can adjust ingredients like dates,chilli,peanuts according to your taste

This is also my entry for EC's WYF-SALADS EVENT


easycrafts said...

So many interesting ingredients have gone into this..thanks for the entry

ushaprashanth said...

Yummy looking salad!!!!!!!looks delicious!