August 14, 2008


This week's addition to kitchen queries,hope they are useful to all

Butter can be churned in winter by pouring half a cup of hot water into the vessel or mixer in which you whisk the cream,swirl the water around so that the mixer warms up,then add the cream and proceed as usual

When jelly is almost set,churn it lightly with a little fresh cream in a mixer and let it set again for a fluffy and unusual sweet dish for children

To freshen bread,sprinkle a little milk and place in a moderately hot oven.The crust will be crisper and bread tastier

Want to get rid of the strong smell of onion or garlic from the mixer,pour some salt water and run the mixer for a few seconds and wash off,now it is ready for a milkshake

For a quick salad dressing,blend a cup of curd withlittle lime juice and seasoning and toss the salad into it


Usha said...

Very good tips,you have a nice blog with a good variety of recipes:)

Sangeeth said...

cool tips gal.........

Pragyan said...

Love the salt water and blender idea! Tjamls!

Pragyan said...

oops..typo..meant to write Thanks! This is what if you watch Law and Order while doing work :)