August 14, 2008

Happy Independence Day to all.This is an old post which I thought apt for the day to share with you all.

This also goes to Pooja's INDEPENDENCE DAY-2008 EVENT

Dosas are indispensable dish in every household in South India.Right from the traditional plain dosa using rice and urad dal batter to dosas using ragi and other lentils it is liked by everyone.Today it has taken many forms like paper roast,cheese roast etc.This form of dosa is a little different with different combinations of chutney.It can also be done by using ingredients of one's choice and it would be a definite hit among children.This is an ideal dish for kid's party.

Idly/dosa batter

For spreading any combination like
Tomato-onion chutney
Coconut chutney
Coriander-mint chutney
Carrot/beetroot grated and slightly sauted
Peas masala
Chicken masala
Any sauce variety

I have used tomato-onion chutney,coconut chutney and coriander-mint chutney
Make 3 dosas so that they are neither too thick nor a roast
Spread the filling of your choice on each dosa
Place one on top of the other and roll
If it is thick filling like vegetables or chicken keep them on the second dosa
Cut the dosas to small strips of 1-2 inches and serve
Can top up with cheese gratings also
Enjoy the weekend with the cassata





notyet100 said...

awesomeone for the event ,.nice click too,..

Pooja said...

really a very creative way to represent ORANGE , GREEN and WHITE colors.
looks so yummy !!!

thanks for your nice entry. Happy Independence day to you .

Anonymous said...

This looks really pretty! Great entry!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Yuumy yummy creative ideas. I like this recipe. Happy Independence Day to u dear.

shriya said...

Very nice idea. Lovely recipe. Happy Independence day.

karuna said...

extremely innovative idea.a great new twist to serve up dosas. they would make an excellent snack

karuna said...

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Very interesting and creative :)

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Very innovative...

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wow, nice food presentation!

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