August 14, 2008


As a child whenever some asks about my favourite colour my immediate reply would be baby pink and light yellow.I always had a fasination for these two colours,particularly the colour of hot jalebis served in the hotels as dessert.This recipe was amoung my collections but never had tried making it.I have not tried Indian sweets with confidence,so thought it apt for EC's WYF-COLOUR IN FOOD EVENT

Cardamon powder-1/4tsp
Oil-for deep frying
Saffron-a pinch
Yellow food colour-a pinch
Salt-a pinch

Mix maida,yogurt and salt well without lumps
Add water for pouring consistency paste
Heat oil
Put the paste in a cloth bag with a hole
The bag has to be squeezed to form spiral shapes directly on the hot oil
Deep fry till golden on slow flame
Make thick syrup with sugar and water
Add saffron and cardamon powder
Dip the jalebis in the sugar syrup
Serve hot with icecream

Iam rushing this to Pooja's INDEPENDENCE DAY 2008 EVENT which I came to know just now


notyet100 said...

hi renuka thy look nice u can send them for independence day event too hosted by pooja, the colour is orange,..i use squueze bottle to make jalebi,..its much more easier,,;-)hppy bloggin nd happy independence day in advance,..ceeya...

Usha said...

Looks delicious and tempting :)

Hima said...

Looking awesome... Love the colour of jalebis

Pooja said...

thanks for your nice entry. Happy Independence day to you too.

easycrafts said...

Jalebis are my fav too...thanks for participating