July 05, 2008

Have you heard anyone baking a cake for their own birthday and that's me.But unfortunately I was not able to cut it today as no piece was left.I live in a joint family and children at home just love chocolate truffle cake and they relish it only when they go to Chennai as it is not available her.It was my long desire to try out my skills on making a Truffle and it turned out to be excellent.Of course getting the main ingredients cooking chocolate and fresh cream is like hunting which is another part of the truffle story.I grabbed the 2kg pack and its all chocolate recipes this week trying my hands on souffle,mousse,chocolates.....Finally made souffle today and as it's getting set the kids have not yet laid their hands on it.Can anyone guess my age.....Please leave in your guesses in my comment box and I'll reveal it in a week ha ha ha....Now to the recipe

White Butter-225gms
Cocoa powder-25gms
Baking powder-21/2 tsp
Vanilla essence-1tsp
Milk-1/2 to 3/4 cup

Cream butter and sugsr till light and fluffy
Add yolks one at a time
Fold in flour,cocoa,baking powder(all seived together 2-3 times)
Add stiffly beaten egg whites
Lastly pour in enough milk to pour in a greased baking tin
Bake at 150-170 C for 45min to 1 hour or till baked
To check prick in a skewer if it comes out clean then the cake is done
Allow to cool completely or else the cream would melt
Cut the cake horizondally so that there are three pieces

For the Truffle
Gelatin-2 tsp
Dark chocolate-200 gms
Fresh cream-2 cups
Powdered sugar-as per taste
Chocolate cake base-I cut the cake to three thin pieces

Soak the gelatin in little water and keep aside
Break chocolate to pieces
Double boil water and add the chocolate to it
Simmer and stir till the chocolate melts and allow to cool to room temperature
Dissolve the gelatin completely by double boil method and add to chocolate at room temperature
Beat the cream to semi thick consistency by adding powdered sugar to it
If you need white cream for decoration,set aside as required
Combine the cream to the chocolate mixture and mix till they are well blended
Sandwich the truffle on the cake layers alternately,finish the top and sides too
Deep freeze it for 10 min
When set remove dust with chocolate powder/grated chocolate/fresh cream
Serve chilled


Srivalli said...

renuka..thats one awesome cake...many happy returns of the day! must have been hectic right!..enjoy!

Rachel said...

B'day wishes..and that cake looks awesome..I thought you lived in chennai!!1

Bharti said...

Those layers look fantastic..Happy Birthday!

sowmya said...

lovely recipe...have a beautiful day !!

Lavi said...

with choco cake looks so yummy renuka:)

and regarding the guess..could it be 32..

arundati said...

happy birthday!! and that is a luscious cake!!

dekka said...

Dear Renuka, sorry I missed ur birthday.A very happy belated birthday wishes from suri and devi!Very colurful space as you.great going!Cheers.would be trying your veg gravy tomorrow

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

belated happy birthday! and the cake looks delicous, and Soooooft!! :-)

Madhuram said...

Belated birthday wishes Renuka. The cake looks neat and fluffy too. I would love to grab it myself.