July 07, 2008


Taking medicines at the very instinct of any simple and common ailments has become a practice today.How many practice the age old remedies which our ancestors used,and it would be very few.I would like to share with all these simple natural remedies available in our kitchens about which I read in an article on home remedies a few years back.

NOTE-Though it may not have any side effects always try them in small areas and then make it regular

Infected Wound-Apply turmeric paste on it-it works as an antiseptic

Cold-Take honey along with a couple of tulsi leaves

Headache-To the forehead rub a diluted mixture of peppermint and eucalyptus oil

Burns-Apply a cut potato

Lice-Apply a paste of tulsi leaves on the scalp,they will flee

Losing Weight-First thing in the morning drink a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of lemon mixed with 2tsp of honey

Skin Ailments-Crush and steam mint leaves in hot water,cool and use for skin ailments

Tired Eyes-Put a slice of cucumber on closed eyelids and lie down in a dark room for 15min,the eyes get instant sparkle and quick relief

Tired Feet-Hot water to which some lemon juice is added refreshes tired feet when kept soaked it it

Sunburn-Add 2tsps of tomato puree to 2 tbsp of buttermilk and mix well.Apply on sunburn areas and wipe off after an hour with water

Damaged Hair-Massage warm olive oil regularly

Brittle Nails-Soak them in warm olive or almond oil

Cracked Heels-Massage malai(milk cream) as it helps soften and heal

Itchy Skin-Apply grated potato or potato juice on the itchy area of the skin

Sandalwood-Pure sandalwood paste or powder brings relief from itchy skin and allergies,a powerful antiseptic it soothes and cures inflammation and rashes


JZ @ Tasty treats said...

wow! so many useful remedies, renuka...this is such an informative post! :-)

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Medhaa said...

Lovely Post renuka.

SMN said...

Nice home remedies girl thnks so much

easycrafts said...

So many interesting and useful home remedies...thanks for sharing

LG said...

Liked those simple remedy list. Will keep them in mind

renuka said...

Thanks jz,medhaa,smn,ec and lg and have lot more to share in future also