April 10, 2008


Participating in the events in the blogospere has become interesting as we tend to try out recipes according to the topic.This makes one go through the entire collection of recipes.I have tried many North Indian recipes in general but not from any specific state.After seeing the RCI-Bengal event I searched my collection and google and was confused I wanted a simple one to try and post as PC at home is being fully occupied by children now.I called my dear friend M......who was a resident of Kolkata for some time and asked for some recipes and I shortlisted this traditional recipe for Sandeepa's RCI-BENGAL event.More information on Mishti Doi can be found here


Full cream milk-1 litre

Palm jaggery/Brown sugar-300 gms

Fresh curd-2 tsp


Take milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and boil to 1/4 quantity

Heat jaggery in a sauce pan with 10ml water till it just melts

Add the melted jaggery to the boiling milk stir,cook for 5 min

Cool to warm temperature

Stir in the curd

Pour in earthen pots and allow to set in a warm place

Serve chilled


RCI said...

such a nicely presented dessert, I love that pot

Mallugirl said...

i have never tasted this, though i love all kinds of bengali sweets. the pot is cho cute!