April 03, 2008


GARLIC has high medicinal values and also adds flavour to any dish we add it to.Pickle is an unavoidable side-dish in South India especially Tamilnadu.This post comprises two recipe one with raw garlic and the other a cooked one.Many will not like the raw pungent smell of garlic but this recipe is an excellent combo for idli,dosa and appam.If you are really lazy to make a side dish this is the easiest one

Idli podi-2tbsp
Garlic flakes-2-3

Just grind the garlic in the mixie,add the idli podi and run it just for 5 seconds
Serve with gingelly oil
Always make it fresh

In Tamilnadu we finish our meal with curd rice and pickle.Now many varieties of pickles are available in the market but certain traditional ones made at home still occupy an important place in our households.Though Avakkai(Mango)occupies the top position Garlic Pickle closely follows it.This pickle is one of my favourite ones and it does not have a punjent smell which otherwise garlic has.When you are lazy to cook just a bowl of curd rice and garlic pickle is a pleasure to eat or a pickle rice will force you for another serving

Garlic-11/2 cup (peeled and sliced)
Lime juice-1/2 cup
Gingelly oil-3tbsp
Red chilly powder-2tbsp
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Salt-11/2 tbsp/as required
Jaggery-a small piece

For seasoning
Mustard seeds-1tsp
Methi seeds-1tsp
Asafoetida-1 tsp

Heat oil in a kadai,season with the ingredients
Add sliced garlic saute for a minute
To it add chilly,turmeric powder and salt and further saute in low flame
Add the lime juice and saute till the oil seperates
Finally add a piece of jaggery and remove from fire
Cool and store in dry container

This goes to Mathy's JFI-GARLIC


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Nice spicy podi

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