February 05, 2008


Iam tagged for the second time by my dear friend Bharathy and quite a long pending one to be answered.So here goes the 5 Qs.....

How long have you been blogging?
I created my blog exactly 8 months back and posting at a very slow pace.I've been an active blogger for the past 6 months as only now I've become familiar to computers itself...ha..ha..ha...atleast now

What inspired you to blog and who are your mentors?
As I've already mentioned Iam a vivid reader of all types or articles whether be it cookery,career,health..... and always wanted to share it with others.I had never dreamt of entering this beautiful world of blogging.One such article was on blogging and I did not have any basic knowledge on computers.At the same time I had to quit my office responsability due to personal reasons,and I thought that blogging was apt to keep myself occupied
My mentors
My eleven year old niece(my BIL's daughter)who patiently taught me the basics of handling computer,browsing,downloading and encouraged me to post everyday.My daughter and she will ask me what I posted everyday when they where back from school
My dear friend Bharathy,who on one of our tele chat mentioned about blogging and I started to learn more on blogging from her

Are you trying to make money online or doing just for fun
Both ways but predominantly the second one as one of my passions is cooking and trying out new recipes

What are the 3 things you love about being online
I've come do know about many blogs and made new friends
Today Iam browsing a lot and gaining more knowledge which I love to
If you are online you forget what is happening around you.I think many of you will agree with me

What are the three things you struggle with online
Eventhough Iam familiar with blogging today still scared to do new things on blog because technically Iam zero
Still have a long way to go,at present posting pics on blog
I struggle on the technical side

As many of my blogger friends have already been tagged I keep this open for anyone who have not yet been tagged


Bharathy said...

The more you are here,the more you gain confidence!..
Everyone of us are learners!!...
You better be are THIS much!!!!:)
Nice reading the meme!..:)thankyou for taking up!

BTW,I am sending you along a mail which Bindya wanted to pass over..pls check when free..

Bharathy said...

Renuka,I have passed a prayer and blessing post to you from my blog..Do accept it when free and pass on to one two or three maximim bloggers of your choice.. :)

renuka said...

thanks dear