February 03, 2008


Here are some unavoidable mistakes we make in the kitchen which can be rectified with ease

  • To preserve coriander or curry leaves keep them in a muslin cloth bag in the fridge,they will remain fresh for a longer time without getting discoloured

  • Do not add raw oil to any pickle,heat it until smoky and cool it before use which prevents fungus formation in the pickle.Mustard oil makes the life span of pickles longer

  • While making paneer at home don't throw away the whey(water),it is an excellent mix for dough.The chapatis turn out softer and more nutrtious

  • Instead of frying eggs,break each one into a small greased heat-proof dish and bake in a moderately hot oven,until they are of required consistency

  • If all the tomatoes have ripened at the same time just apply table salt on them they would stay firm for the next two days