February 01, 2008

So many recipes have lined up this week as so many events are doing their rounds in the blogosphere,I thought of a break and therefore my next few posts will be on beauty,tips etc.....,
All women around the world irrespective of colour,caste or creed want a clear and glowing skin but busy throughout in one way and lazy on the other to do very simple daily routine to keep the skin glowing I would like to share these very simple ways for the same

  • Make-up remover-Pour 1 tbsp of full cream milk in a bowl,add a few drops of sweet almond oil,use a sterile piece of cotton wool and pat the milk mixture onto your face.Use another piece of cotton wool to remove the milk.Rince off thoroughly.

  • For cleanser-use fluid skim milk for oily skin and full cream milk for normal,dry or mature skin.Apply on face like you do for any cleanser and rinse off with a lot of water

  • For scrub-Use milk powder for this.For oily skin mix 1 tsp skim milk powder with 1tsp honey,add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.Use as scrub,the undissolved milk powder forms a gentle scrub and rinse off thoroughly with lots of water.For normal,dry or mature skin,mix 1tsp full cream milk powder with 1 tsp honey