February 03, 2008


Some interesting things which we should remember throughout our life.These are some few facts of life which I came across in a book I read authored by different people which I would like to share

  • If you are not able to SOLVE a problem,LEARN to handle the problem

  • FORGET the bad experiences which you have gone through but DO NOT FORGET the lessons which they have taught you

  • You may know the PRICE of an object,but not knowing the VALUE of the object is no good

  • It is good to be a GOOD PERSON,but is dangerous to be so without knowing GOOD AND BAD

  • As long as you do not COMPARE your life with others you would experience a happy life

  • A father who has imparted his child a good EDUCATION has given him more security than a father who has left behind RICHES for his child

  • Before BEATING a child make sure you were not a REASON for the child for doing the fault


Anonymous said...

Awesome facts of Life :) And your blog is very interesting to read with all the tips along with the Recipes. Great job. :)