December 12, 2007

PIZZA is very much part of urban lifestyle for lunches to kitty parties.We are all aware that is categorised as 'Junk Food' but we still can't forgo it.I would like to share this information which I came across to make Pizzas a healthy and low-fat meal.

  • Order small pizzas as the propotion of crust filling is much higher in these thus making them healthier

  • Go in for thin-crust as they contain two-thirds the amount of carbohydrates compared to pan variety

  • As often as possible go for vegetarian toppings or ask for chicken in moderate amounts-it is far leaner than ham and mutton

  • Refrain from ordering extra toppings

  • Blot your pizza with a paper napkin which absorbs a fifth of the total fat

  • Eat just 2 slices instead of 3.To fill yourself up go in for green salad with calorie free dressing

  • Do not lace your pizza with generous tomato sauceor mustard

  • Drink chilled water instead of Coke or have Diet Coke

So next when you go in for pizzas keep the above in mind.