December 11, 2007


December is the month of parties.After the exam season of the kids we all would like to really relax,meet friends and get ready to welcome the New Year.Here are some party tips to be a guest and also for being hosts

  • A guest does not mean just showing up you should appretiate that someone is entertaining

  • Promptly respond to invitation

  • Ask the host if you want to bring uninvited guests

  • Alert the host of any food restrictions.If you don't like what is served,move it around the plate discretely

  • In the event that you could not attend the party after accepting inform the host at the earliest

  • A hostess gift is always a lovely gesture

  • Make sure you talk to the person on either side of you

  • Do not start debates and arguments

  • Turn off your cellphones or set to vibrate mode and excuse from the table when you have to answer a call

  • An offer to help clear the table between courses is appreciated

  • Send a thank-you note.Hand-written is best,e-mail is acceptable,a phone call the bare minimu


  • An abundent choice of food,attractively displayed and easily served with plenty of comfortable places to sit is the key to successful buffet dinner

  • Enticing display of food,surrounded by colourful flowers,fruits,veggies and garnishes is a welcome

  • A serving table in the centre of the room,accessible on all sides is ideal

  • Stack plates where you want the line to begin

  • Place napkins,utencils an d beverages at the end

  • Put cold foods at the start of the buffet so that hot foods spend less time cooling on the guest's plate

  • Set out desserts on separate table,with plates,napkins,forks and spoons

  • Figure on one servingof each dish per person,then add at least 20 percent more for seconds

  • Arrange chairs in groups so no one is left stranded alone and be sure you have plenty of place for everyone to sit


  • To relax and enjoy with the guests minimise the last minute preparations

  • Invite guests well in advance,if they have not responded you may inquire if they are coming so there will be time to invite someone else

  • Decide how you will serve buffet,passed around the table or served at the table seated

  • Wash or polish tableware.Be sure you have coasters,trivets and table pads on hand to protect the table

  • Make sure all linen are clean and wrinkle free

  • Plan on a centrepiece,keeping flowers and candles low for cross-table visibility or fill in a silver bowl with any seasonal fruits or vegetables

  • Set the table in advance to make sure the flatware,china,glasses and serving pieces will fit your arrangement

  • Planning who will sit where will jump-start conversation so put together peopleyou think will enjoy each other and separate couples

  • You can clear the dishes in between the courses but do not start washing

I hope all the above tips will be useful to you.For more tips visit POTLUCK PARTIES and MENU PLANNING in this blog