December 05, 2007


I just thought of a break after sending the entries for the various events going around,still I missed on some of them.So here are some regular kitchen tips which we already follow but with a difference

  • Gingelly oil used for idly can be heated slightly and seasoned with mustard and asafoetida to enhance the taste
  • Bread can be bought unsliced,cut length wise and spread butter/jam/sauce/chutney etc roll and cut to slices the children would love it
  • While making dough for puris add a little suger and make puris they will remain puffed for longer time
  • Add a teaspoon of oil while making greens they will retain colour and taste better too
  • Rusk powder can be used to lessen the salty or hot taste of any dish
  • Before making curry add a little lime juice to cut lady's finger so that they do not stick to one another
  • Grind 2 tender mangoes(mavadu),a piece of coconut,2 green chilly,a little coriander leaves,mix with curd and season with mustard seeds for a tasty Mavadu Raitha


Bharathy said...

Great tips!
Heard of rava in poori dough which makes the puri puffed for a longer time..Sugar is new to me :)