December 27, 2007


Chocolates the name itself makes us all grab one at any point of the day be it early morning or late night.As there are 2 events based on Chocolates Iam posting different recipes which are very easy to make also.I learnt this recipe in an Amul sponsored event for a Microwave oven demo

Amul milk powder-2cups
Almonds-1cup chopped
Amul fresh cream-300ml
Powdered sugar-3/4cup
Cocoa powder-1tsp

Place all the ingredients with Amul fresh cream except cocoa powder in a large microwavable bowl
Mix well and place bowl in a microwave oven for 4 min on high cook
Remove bowl and stir the mixture.Place again for another 4 minutes
Transfer half the barfi in a greased plate
Quickly blend in the cocoa into the remainder and pour over the barfi in the plate and spread evenly
Cool and cut into diamond shaped pieces
Blanched nuts can be sprinkled on top along with silver warq

Chocolate Malai Burfi is also my entry for Bindiya's MY FAVOURITE THINGS EVENT