November 19, 2007


KARTHIGAIthe word itself is synonym with LIGHTING OF DEEPAMS.This tamil month is, along with Karthigai Deepam a sacred month as Karthigai Somavaram,Karthigai Poornima,Ekadasi,Thuvadasi,Shashti,Ashtami,Navami are all auspicious days.Devotees going to Sabarimalai start their fasting during this month.

Generally in Tamilnadu we light deepams made of mud known as AGAL VILAKKU (earthen lamps) during karthigai.This year karthigai falls on November 24th.This festival is celebrated in every household in Tamilnadu.The houses are decorated with agal vilakku and puffed rice balls(PORI URUNDAI) are made as neiyvediyam.We light the deepams with gingelly oil and cotton threads.Even silver and bronze vilakkus are lighted.

This festival is celebrated at THIRUVANNAMALAI ,an abode of Lord Shiva as Annamalaiyar Deepam .People from different parts of our country throng this place at that time.

KUTHUVILAKKUas it is called in Tamilnadu is a must in every house

  • It is mythology that all the three Gods Bramha,Vishnu and Shiva are present in the vilakku

  • At the base part is Bramha,the middle part Vishnu and the broad part on top is Shiva

  • It is also said that the part above the broad one is where Lord Mageswaran and the last tip part where Lord sadasivam resides

  • The Glow of the vilakku is represented as Goddess Lakshmi,the Light by Goddess Saraswati and the Heat by Goddess Parvathy

  • The five wicks in the kuthuvilakku represents our five senses and also the Panchaboothangal/ 5 elements of the world Earth,Water,Air,Sky and Fire