November 19, 2007


We all plan to diet at some point or the other and for varied reasons.What comes to are mind are fruits and vegetables.We start the diet very briskly but half way through we tend to discontinue as our master, the tongue refuses to accept them.
Fruit contains all the digestive enzymes required.It's literally Mother Nature's fast food.Here are some fruit recipes which would motivate you for a sucessful diet programme

Grate an apple into your dosa
Toast bread topped with a pineapple slice sprinkled with saunf
Add banana to your oatmeal porridge
Beat and blend fresh figs with skimmed milk
Roll a mango slice into your roti

Make pineapple rasam/sambar
Add grapes or apples to fresh vegetable salads
Have apple/banana/mango/pineapple raita
Steam rice with apple,clove and cinnamon
Add pineapple gratings to stuffings

FRUITY SNACKS Thread fruits on a skewer,roast and serve as kababs
Top a cream cracker with a banana coin topped with a cherry
Sprinkle chat masala powder on a mix of chopped apple,skinned orange,grapes,banana,papaya with a dash of lime juice and salt

A mixed fruit platter
Steam bread squares,guava pieces,sugar,chopped dates and skimmed milk with corn flour.Makes a delicious guava pudding
Load soft stewed fruits onto a small dollop of ice-cream/shrikand
Roast halved banana on tava

These ideas are to initiate into thinking fruit and eating fruit
Make these healthy changes,cultivate a taste for fruit and switch slowly to eating fruits by itself
Breakfast on fruits alone
For lunch start with fruit and after 20 min have a vegetable salad sprinkled with raw sprouted moong
Try different roti each day-bajra,jower,wheat
As you develop taste buds for fruits and vegetables eat more of these,moderately on cereals,pulses and milk and least on processed foods such as biscuits,chocolates etc