November 20, 2007


Idli is the staple food for Tamilians and you can see idli mainly as breakfast in all the houses.However soft and with many side dishes like sambar and colours of chutney we tend to become bored seeing idli especially the children.So here are some simple avatars of the idli

  • Cut idli into pieces and fry in oil and mix with the regular manchurian gravy there you have IDLI MANCHURIAN

  • Pour a spoonful of batter in the idli mould,add a teaspoon of coriander-mint chutney and again add a spoonful of batter on top your STUFFED IDLI is ready

  • Pour a spoonful of batter in the mould spread a teaspoon of potato curry or any curry of your choice for a POTATO STUFFED CURRY

  • Spread grated vegetables mix of your choice on the mould and pour the batter and steam you get VEGGIE IDLI

  • Cut idlis like finger chips,deep fry and add salt,chilli powder/pepper powder wow it's IDLI FINGER CHIPS

  • Slightly slice the idli and spread some tomato chilli sauce/cheese slice IDLI SANDWICH is ready

  • Season the idli batter with mustard,cumin seeds,split urad dal,green chilli,curry leaves,add onions,carrot,coriander leaves and grated coconut and make idlis,tasty IDLI DHOKLA is a real feast

  • Cut the leftover idli to slices dip them in bajji batter and fry for an IDLI BAJJI which can be served with tomato sauce/coconut/mint chutney

  • Mix a little of grinded coconut,chilly,coriander leaves,cumin seeds,salt to thick curd and add soak idli to this and serve chilled,the DAHI IDLI will be tastier than dahi vada

  • Leftover onion,mint,coriander,chilli chutney can be mixed with the cut idli.Season in mustard,urad dal,curry leaves,asafoetida,tumeric powder saute in cut onions and tomatoes and add the idlis and stir-fry for few minutes for a tasty IDLI UPMA