November 22, 2007


Pori called as puffed rice is categorised as Arisi pori,Nel Pori and Aval Pori in Tamilnadu.What we get in shops as urundai and bars are Arisi pori made from rice.Nel pori is the stage of rice after dehusking from the grains.Aval or Poha is the beated form of rice.We make Aval pori and Nel pori for Karthigai as neivediyam.

Aval pori-4 cups
Jaggery-1/4 kg
Coconut-1/2 cut into small pieces
Cardamon-2 crushed
Dried ginger-a pinch

Clean the pori either using a pori seiver or by hand picking
Dry roast the cut coconut pieces
Melt the jaggery with just enough water and strain away the dirt
Make a thick jaggery syrup out of it,that is,when you drop in little water a round has to be formed
Mix in the jaggery syrup little by little to the pori,simultaneously mixing it with the pori
Add the crushed cardamon and dry ginger to it and mix well
Store in a dry container
When serving just use a blunt knife or a laddle,as it would be little hard
The same procedure is followed for Nel pori also
These two varieties of pori are mostly available only during Karthigai in many places