June 01, 2012


I have a good collection of cook books,but of late I've not bought one and seeing Tarla Dalal's Cooking and More I just grabbed a copy of a collection  of easy and good recipes.Pies are always in my to do list,but due to constraint in getting some ingredients I always postpone trying them.But luckily was able to try out today and was happy with the taste too.This time my niece who is very interested in cooking got all the ingredients required,made the pie and I was just supervising her.


For the biscuit base
Digestive biscuits crushed-1 cup
Melted butter-1/3 cup

For the filling
Chopped dark chocolate-2 cups
Whipped cream-3 cups
Vanilla essence-1 tsp
Powdered sugar-2tbsp
Milk-1/4 cup



For  biscuit base
Combine the biscuit crumbs and the melted butter in a bowl and mix well.
Press the mixture into the base of a 175mm(7") loose bottomed pie dish
Chill until firm for approx.30 min

For  filling
Combine chocolate and milk in MW safe bowl and MW on high for 30 secs
Mix till no lumps remain and let cool completely
Add the vanilla,powdered sugar and whipped cream and fold gently

To assemble
Spread the filling over the set biscuit base and chill till firm for approx. 1 hour
De-mould the pie and decorate with whipped cream or chocolate gratings or strands
Serve chilled