May 25, 2012


Cooking and Baking has always been my passion though it changes according to my mood fluctuations.The last one week had been full of trial recipes which were pending to be tried for long,so I skipped new posts and concentrated on my recipes.

BLACK FOREST CAKE has always been a tricky one for me.I've tried this recipe several times and it had always been a flop-unable to get fresh cream,cherries at the same time,the cream would curdle etc.After nearly 2 years I wanted to make this special cake and it was a success though I had to make it twice to get the exact taste.

Thanks to my little niece who encouraged me this time to make it by getting the fresh cream and cherries after hunting for it in many stores in my place,of course she is madly in love with this cake and she was fully satisfied with it and relished it too

This recipe is from one of the books I have which is also an eggless recipe

Milkmaid-400gms(used Nestle)
Cocoa powder-3 to 4 tbsps
Aerated cola drink-200ml(used Pepsi)
Baking powder-1tsp

For decoration
Fresh cream-1cup(used Amul)
Tinned cherries-1 small tin(Kaytis)
Chocolate bar/cooking chocolate-min 5/as required(used Cadbury)

While the cake is cooling keep the following ready

  • Whip the cream to spreading/piping consistency and keep in the fridge(do not overwhip as it would curdle)
  • Make sugar syrup with 100ml water and 100gms sugar,not very thin and not thick consistency
  • Grate the chocolate either with knife or a big grater and refrigerate
  • Seperate the cherries from the syrup and deseed them

Lightly grease and flour the baking tin
Preheat oven at 150 C
Melt butter in a double boiler and allow to cool
Add milkmaid to it and mix
Sift together maida,baking powder,soda and cocoa powder
Mix maida with milkmaid-butter mixture alternating with cola till maida and cola are over
Immediately pour into the prepared tin and bake for 30-40 mins at 150 C or till done
Cool and slit horizontally into two
Sprinkle the syrup liberally on the two halves of the cake
Use also the syrup in the cherry tin on the cakes
Spread the whipped cream on the lower part of the cake
Deseed the cherries and arrange them liberally on the cream
Place the other part on top
Spread the cream liberally on the sides and top
Sprinkle the grated chocolate on the sides and top and arrange some more cherries on top
Refrigerate and serve it cool


easycrafts said...

yummy...looks so delicious

renuka said...

thanks ec

Bharathy said...

RENUKA!!!!...Superoooooo Superrr!!
I love love loveee the last professional!!..

Divya said... forest cake is looking toooooo delicious!!can i have one bite pls..??;-)and its eggless too..shall try it soon!!the last pic is oh-so-tempting!!!good job!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Renuka,this cake looks delicious. I don't eat eggless cakes, but many in my family don't eat eggs. If I ever have to bake an egg for the elders or a vegan friend, this is what I am going to try. Bookmarked!! Thank you for the recipe! I think its fun that you did all the experiments and I get a readymade recipe:)).

Madhuram said...

Renuka, I can't believe it's an eggless black forest cake. It looks so moist. I'm going to try this very soon. I have an eggless recipe submit form in my blog to collect all eggless baking recipes in one place. When you have time leave the link to this cake there, I'll update it in the list.

Priya said...

Hi Renuka,
I made black forest cake last weekend following your recipe(without any variation.)
The cake came out so well and it got over in just 5 mins.Everybody in the family loved it..All credit goes to you. But, the only problem with the cake was, it did not come as fluffy as yours..I mean, it was very soft, but the top part bulged inwards, it was concave, rather than being flat or convex..Can you please suggest what could be the problem and how to correct it?
Also, it would be great if you can give icing how to write on the cake, decoration etc..
Thanks in advance.

Rajee said...

Icing looks professional. Super cake.

Anonymous said...

For the dummys like myself:

Milkmaid = sweetened condensed milk.

Maida = cake flour or similar varietis such as masa harina, tapioca flour or pure starch.

Yumna Khan said...

Your story of making this is so like mine! Congrats for the attempt. Its looks good.