September 17, 2009

As mentioned in my earlier post I've compiled the pooja procedure for each day.Again it is all according to your convenience.


Goddess Worshipped-Maheswari

Kolam-Any kolam using rice flour

Flowers-Jasmine and Vilvam leaves

Neivediyam-Venn Pongal

Music- Songs in Thodi Ragam


Goddess in North India-Saila Puthri


Goddess Worshipped-Gowmari

Kolam-Any kolam in squares using wheat flour

Flowers-Mullai and Tulasi leaves


Music-Songs in Kalyani Ragam


Goddess in North India-Brahma Sarini


Goddess Worshipped-Varahi

Kolam-Flower kolam using pearls/beads

Flowers-Champangi and Maru leaves

Neivediyam-Sakkarai Pongal

Music-Songs in Kambodhi Ragam


Goddess in North India-Chithira Ganda


Goddess Worshipped-Sri Mahalakshmi

Kolam-Sprinkle turmeric water with rice and make step kolam

Flowers-Jadhi and green leaves

Neivediyam-Kadamba Rice

Music-Songs in Bhairavi Ragam

Instrument-Kotu Vadiyam

Goddess in North India-Koosh Maanda


Goddess Worshipped-Vaishnavi Devi

Kolam-Any birds figure using Groundnuts

Flowers-Parijadham and Vibudhi Green leaves

Neivediyam-Curd rice

Music-Songs in Banduvarali Ragam


Goddess in North India-Skanda Matha


Goddess Worshipped-Indirani

Kolam-Devi's name using any cereals like green moong,toordal,urad dal

Flowers-Hibiscus and Sandal leaves

Neivediyam-Coconut Rice

Music-Songs in Neelambari Ragam


Goddess in North India-Kathyayani


Goddess Worshipped-Brahmi

Kolam-Any type of house kolam using flowers

Flowers-Thazhampoo and Thumbai leaves

Neivediyam-Lime Rice

Music-Songs in Bilahari Ragam


Goddess in North India-Kaala Rathri


Goddess Worshipped-Narasimhi

Kolam-Lotus kolam using coins

Flowers-Roses and Pannir leaves

Neivediyam-Pal/Milk Rice

Music-Songs in Punnagavarali

Goddess in North India-Maha Gowri


Goddess Worshipped-Chamundi

Kolam-Any weapons like Sulam,vel using any fragrant powders like sandal,Diraviya podi

Flowers-Lotus and Marukozhundu leaves

Neivediyam-Kalkanddu(diamond sugar) Sakkarai Pongal

Music-Songs in Vasantha Ragam

Goddess in North India-Sithithathri

Pooja done on all the nine days is good according to ancient vedas,if not,doing pooja on the Ninth Day known as Mahanavami is equally good.This is the day when Goddess Durgadevi killed Mahishasuran and is celebrated as Durga Pooja in West Bengal in a grand way.

I was indeed surprised that so much of details were followed by our ancestors.Though many of us are not aware of the flowers,instruments used and not available today we can atleast know that they were used once upon a time.

Get ready for some Sundal Varieties which are done in Tamilnadu in my next post


Srivalli said...

Wonderful information Renu..thanks for sharing this with us...I am planning on doing this time...

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