September 17, 2009

Navarathri is celebrated throughout our country but in different ways.I have compiled this by gathering information from my friends who have been doing it for generations in Tamilnadu.


Take a Marapalakai-wooden plank

Draw a Kolam

Place a banana leaf(the tip portion) and spread raw rice

Take a Sombu wrap thread,keep turmeric and kumkum pottu

Pour clean water to fill 3/4 of the Sombu

Add Vettiver,Cardamon,Pachai Karpuram,Javvadhu,Chandanam in the water

Drop a 1 rupee coin into the water

Place some Mango leaves on the Sombu along with coconut which is covered with turmeric powder-Manjal Thengai

This is the Kalasam for which we should do pooja for the 9 days with flowers,deepam and neivediyam along with Sundal and distribute it

In Vedic books the Goddess to be worshipped,the Flowers to be used,Kolam to be drawn,Neivediyam to be done,Raaga and Instruments to be used are also clearly given for each of the nine days.Eventhough we cannot follow them strictly we can atleast know the origin of these pooja and improve our knowledge.

My next post will have details on how to perform pooja for each of the 9 days