June 11, 2009

Vermicilli popularly known as semiya is used in different forms like kesari,upma,biryani and with curds too.This thayir semiya is popular in Tamilnadu and an ideal dish for parties.The seasoning ingredients are the same as for making curd rice and a quick to make one too.

Semiya-2 cups
Curd-1 cup
Water-as required
Salt-as required

For seasoning
Split urad-1tsp
Channa dal-2tsp
Green/red chilli-3 or 4
Curry leaves-a few
Asafoetida-1 tsp
Coriander leaves-to garnish
Oil-as required

Boil required water and add the semiya with a teaspoon of oil and cook till done
Strain the hot water and add plain water as required and rinse the semiya and strain off the water completely
In a kadai heat oil add the ingredients for seasoning and add to the cooked semiya
Now add the required salt,milk and curds to the semiya and mix well.
The milk will tend to get absorbed quickly,so keep 1/2 cup milk/curd and add while serving
Serve chilled with any side dish or pickle


Lavi said...

Renuka I have not known this all these days. a cool tiffin!

Padma said...

Delicious Thayir Semiya ... I too prepare this in the same method ... and nice click too :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

New to me.....looks creamy and yum...

Parita said...

Wow never made semiya like this before..looks delicious

Ann said...

Wow.. I love thayir semiya.. this looks so yum.