June 06, 2009


For crispy pakoras add a little warm oil to the mix,and also enhance the taste by adding few drops of ginger juice

To retain the colour of green chillies just sprinkle turmeric powder on it

Soak oranges and lime in hot water for few minutes,you will get more juice out of it

While making fruit salad add honey with sugar to enhance the taste

While sprinkling dry fruits on cakes,wet them in milk so that they stick on the cake without falling


Parita said...

Good ones dear..very helpful

Kitchen Flavours said...

Useful tips.....thank you...


hahhaha.....i believe this blog is specially for gals ...
actually i love to eat ..but i cant bear to make anything. As i m very impatient person, so if i heard something very tasteful then i cant wait for it to prepare. hehhee...i jst want it right there.
hope u understand. but from where u get these recipies. R u chef ? coz only chef can make n knw this number of recipies.
well i like this blog ...hope i will try some of recipies from here