March 18, 2009


My children are already in holiday mood and the fight for the PC has begun.I've requested to allot me a time so that I can continue my blogging uninterruped which happened last vacation.The bribe of course will be a lot of new dishes from the blog world which I enjoy doing.It had been long since I made this stuffed paratha and it suddenly struck me that it could be sent for the events I came across last week.

For Filling
Onions-2 finely chopped
Chilli powder-2tsp
Salt-as required
Oil-for sauting

For Paratha
Wheat flour-3 cups
Salt-as required
Water-as required

Using wheat flour,salt and water make a soft dough and keep closed for an hour
Peel and grate the radish
Mix in the salt and set aside for 10 mins
Heat oil and saute the onions with the chilli powder
Squeeze out the water fully from the grated radish and add to the onions and saute well till the raw small goes
Make rounds out of the dough,keep a spoonful of the filling close the corners and slowly roll out the parathas
Heat tawa and cook the parathas with oil/ghee
Serve hot with any raitha or even pickles
Best suited for kids lunch box especially for those who don't like radish

This is my entry for Roma's JFI-Wheat started by Indira of Mahanandi

Also my entry for Lavi's RCI-Lucknow event started by Lakshmi


easycrafts said...

Mooli ka paratha..yumm..nice way of bribing your kids

Lavi said...

This is an Healthy Paratha with Radish, i must say. Thanks Renuka for ur healthy entry!

Thanks for using the logo:)

Anonymous said...

I love stuffed parathas for Saturday breakfast. Yours look delicious , thanks for sharing.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Healthy parathas....didnt think stuffed parathas are easy to do!

Rajee said...

Nice and easy. I came to know you through wheat event that I too participate.