January 26, 2009


Curtard powder is used in many desserts and puddings to enhance the flavour of the dish.This recipe is the first and only dessert recipe,apart from the regular payasams, I knew when I was married and was an instant hit too.My mom has been making this for more than 3 decades and this very basic recipe taste cannot be matched with any other dish.Though I too prepare this,the exact taste cannot match my mom's.Just make this and add only bananas and no other fruit wow! you cannot stop with just one serving

Milk-1 litre
Custard powder vanilla flavour-3 to 4 tbsp
Sugar-3/4 cup
Banana- as required

Take a cup of milk from 1 litre to dissolve the custard powder and keep aside
Boil the remaining milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and add the sugar and stir till dissolved
Dissolve the powder in the remaining cup of milk,simmer and strain it into the boiling milk.
Keep stirring in low heat till the raw smell goes
If you feel the custard is too watery add some more custard dissolved in milk
Allow to cool and refrigerate
Slice the bananas only when serving and add the free flowing curtard

Actually my mom prepares this dessert without any measurements,I too follow it.I measured to post this recipe for the first time.It is a emergency recipe when you host a party at a short notice
One can add fruits like apple,pomegranate,orange,seedless grapes to make it colourful and tastier,but nothing can match the plain banana taste

This goes to Sunshinemom's FIC-YELLOW EVENT


Asha said...

I remember the fruit custard in B'lore we used to eat, looks yummy!:)

sunshinemom said...

I love this too and my children prepare this as a dessert when I am not around! It is so easy and tasty! Thanks for participating in FIC Yellow, dear!