December 26, 2008


We all face situations when we have to host a party suddenly.A party is not complete without a dessert.This is a very easy to make pudding with all ingredients available readily.I've just mentioned the ingredients used,vary the amount used according to your taste.

Custard powder
Cocoa powder
Tuitti fruitti
Lime juice

Cut bread to cubes and soak it in milk in a pan
Cook in slow fire so that the bread is fully mashed
Dissolve custard powder and cocoa in milk and add to the bread and allow to cook well
Add all the other ingredients finely chopped/broken small pieces and mix well
Remove from fire and allow to cool
Take a pudding bowl,spread the cashews/almonds etc
Cut few bread pieces length-wise and arrange on the sides of the bowl
Spread the cooled bread slowly in the bowl and refrigerate
After an hour just demould the pudding in a plate and serve plain/fruits/icecream or a combination of all

This also goes to JZ's SHC


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending this lil beauty to my event, Renuka! :-)

Happy New Year...

Nags said...

that is quick indeed :)

Priya said...

Hi Renuka, I had posted a comment on the black forest cake for which you have given the recipe.

I have asked couple of questions.
Can you please post your reply to it.I would really appreciate if any other food blogger who sees my comment/questions here can reply.

Here is the comment
Hi Renuka,
I made black forest cake last weekend following your recipe(without any variation.)
The cake came out so well and it got over in just 5 mins.Everybody in the family loved it..All credit goes to you. But, the only problem with the cake was, it did not come as fluffy as yours..I mean, it was very soft, but the top part bulged inwards, it was concave, rather than being flat or convex..Can you please suggest what could be the problem and how to correct it?
Also, it would be great if you can give icing how to write on the cake, decoration etc..
Thanks in advance.

aquadaze said...

Hey, this pudding looks so inviting...sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Manju Ilango said...

Hye Renuka!

Great job. Was just going through and thought would let you know. Sure to get lot of inputs from you.

Manju Ilango

Anonymous said...

very tempting pudding...n quick indeed..

renuka said...

Thanks JZ and happy to be one of the 15.

Thanks Nags,aquadaze and Arundhuti

Priya,thanks for the compliments,sorry for the delayed reply.Iam not an expert in baking but will clear your doubt soon.I know a little bit of icing too and will post some basics of it

Manju thanks a lot for those encouraging words