December 15, 2008


Take one teaspoon of sugar and heat it for a few minutes.When it turns brownin colour,quickly mix it into the cake batter which will give the cake a rich colour

Instead of using an essense while making cakes,try substituting it with one or two teaspoons full of lemon juice

To keep coconut kernels fresh,rub a little saltover them or sprinkle a little salt water on them or store them in the freezer.

For soft dahi vadas,immerse the fried vadas in lukewarm water squeeze the water by pressing them between your palms and then add to the dahi

While using green peas in pulao,apply a little oil to them which will retain the original colour


Anonymous said...

hi..this is my first time here...u hv such a nice blog...very useful tips..thnx for sharing...:-)

Nags said...

these are nice tips!