August 08, 2008


I had decided to share with you all some useful tips too,other than recipes just to break the monotony and here are this week's tips

Save dried tea and coffee bags,open them up and sprinkle them in the lawn for an instant fertilizer

To keep flowers fresh for longer time,drop a copper coin or a piece of charcoal in the vase

Crushed egg shells on mixing with soil,work as a wonderful fertilizer for plants

Make a paste of hibiscus leaves,this serves as an excellent hair wash

Don't throw away orange peels,dry and powder them,add a little gram flour,mix well and apply on face for a wonderful face pack


Roma said...

Hi Renuka,

I loved your tips. I'm always on the look out for tips that can make life easy.

Thanks for sharing,

Sangeeth said...

great tips renuka....

ANJALI J. said...

nice tips.. thanks for sharing!

Uma said...

These are some useful tips. Thanks.

easycrafts said...

Nice tips...btw, I tried ur vermicelli kesari, it was divine..will be posting soon