July 24, 2008


I had initially posted many hints,kitchen queries and topics related to food when I started to blog.Slowly my focus shifted to more recipes,but when I was sorting out my huge collections of various artcles I decided to share as much with you all.So I've decided to post minimum two sets on other topics too,mostly related to food.Here's the next set of hints

Eat a small piece of jaggery after eating radish,to avoid unpleasant belches

Don't throw away water in which rice has been cooked.Add salt to taste,pour in flat plates and dry in the sun,you get 'rice papads'.Deep fry them and sprinkle 'chaat masala'before serving

To set curd perfectly in winter,add one cup boiling milk to two cups cold milk and two tsp curd,mix well.The curd will set faster and thicker

If home-made 'gulab jamuns'have not turned out fluffy,big and soft,steam them in a pressure cooker using the weight along with the syrup for 10 min

While cleaning green leafy vegetables,add afew drops of vinegar or salt to the water,it is easier to get rid of worms and dirt


RJ said...

I read all of your Handy Hints. Nice work!! Thanks for sharing.

Jayashree said...

Rice papads from kanji??? Interesting...

jayasree said...

Papads from kanji caught my attention too.. Nice tips

renuka said...

keep waiting for more such tips