June 17, 2008 last children are back to school and Iam back blogging which I really missed these two months.Though I used to blog hop I was never able to post.Enjoyed with the kids around,late nights untime breakfast,lunch dinners and anyway its all part and parcel of holidays and after all children need this break and leisure also.Usually they would join some summer classes but this year my daughter had taken her 10th exams and it was a big no from her and my son followed his sister.So they had their own time relaxing without sharing the PC with me.It was during my daughter's results and admission did I feel how things were when I studied.Absolutely no tension and not much competition then.Today it is the reverse.
Back to blogging, it was great meeting the Chennai bloggers at Chennai as I happened to be there.I thank Lakshmi,Srivalli,Sra,Nirmala,Lavi,Jayashree,Rachel,Kamini,Kamalika and Arundati for inviting Bharathy and me to join them.It was good though it was for a short while and the potluck was great.I tried many recipes during these two months and will be sharing with you all very soon.
Though I created my blog last june I started posting only in july as I did not know what to do.To be frank I did not know much about computers except mailing and very little of browsing.So it was a huge task for me after I started to blog.It was like learning the alphabets and today Iam very happy I've learnt a bit and there is lot more to know in this wonderful world of blogging.I thank all my blog friends for visiting me and encouraging me.This gave me a platform to share my passion for cooking and keep myself occupied at a time when I was very much depressed.My sincere advice rather suggestion to all would be never stay idle.Even if it is a very small work keep yourself occupied which will always keep you fresh