February 28, 2008


Potato is a widely used vegetable all over the world and is readily available throughout the world.It is a boon to mothers as all children are so addicted to this vegetable.It is one of the veggies that can be used for breakfast as poori-masala,for lunch as a curry,for evening tea as aloo bonda,for dinner as chapathi-aloo and also as dessert.Many of us have used potato to make mainly savoury items.I happened to come across this dessert item a few years back and like to share with you all.

I thought it apt for Divya's EVENT

Potatoes-2 boiled
Bread slices-2
Sugar-1/2 cup(for syrup according to taste)
Water-2 cups
Saffron-a few strands(optional)
Powdered sugar-4-5 tsp
Ghee/oil-for frying

Mash the potatoes,soak bread slices in water,squeeze the water out and add to the mashed potatoes
Powder 2 cardamons and add to the potato mixture along with the powdered sugar and mix well
To make the sugar syrup,heat the water add sugar and boil till slightly thick and add the remaining cardamon powder,saffron and boil for 2 to 3 min
Make small balls of the potato mixture and deep fry till golden brown
Prick these balls with a fork and dip them in the sugar syrup
Serve chilled immediately
This was a different recipe for me and hope it is also new to you all.This also goes to Sia's ODE TO POTATO EVENT


Sia said...

i have heard of potato jamun but never tasted it. thank u renuka for sending me this wonderful entry:)

DK said...

I did a double take when I first saw the title and then I did triple take and some more when I saw the pic! I never knew of this one before. It got me all excited! Thanks for sending this unique recipe to the event :) I am luving it already!:)

renuka said...

Thanks sia and dk

Homecooked said... know I had never even heard of such a dish!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Purnima said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing, found you in DK! Glad to hv come across ur blog! Surely worth a try for kiddies n for elders too!!it sure looks droolworthy!

renuka said...

thanx hc and purnima

manju said...

Lovely and decadent dish! I will keep it on file for brunch sometime. Thank you for sharing it, Renuka, I'd never heard of this before.