February 20, 2008


Some interesting facts which can be followed in our kitchens without a second thought

  • Broken wheat is a very healthy food,but many of us make only upama out of it.Soak the broken wheat rava in water for an hour and grind it with chillies,onions and asafoetida.Make dosas out of the batter and serve with chilly chutney

  • We can make pongal out of the leftover rice.Just mix in cooked moong dal along with pepper,cumin seeds,salt,curry leaves and cashews as done for pongal

  • While making biryani or fried rice spread the bay leaves at the bottom of the vessel so that the rice does not get burnt

  • With the left over vegetable curries we can make stuffed dosas,idlis and kozhukattais too

  • Pakoda is usually made with besan flour.Just soak chana dal for half an hour,grind coarsely,add finely chopped onions,chilly,curry leaves and fry,the pakodas will be crisper and tastier

  • If you need to make lime juice in large quantity,take out the juice from the limes,pour a glass of water to the required quantity of sugar and boil till the sugar dissolves.Cool this and add the required amount of water to make juice.This method can be followed for making orange juice also


bee said...

broken heat is also much healthier than regular semolina, 'cos it's whole wheat, while semolina is usually without the bran.