January 23, 2008


Iam a blogger for the past 7 months who entered into this beautiful world of blogging without any basic knowledge of computers.Today when I look back Iam surprised and happy that I learnt a lot and content that Iam sharing a lot of things in common with my blogger friends.

A vivid reader of various articles in newspapers and magazines I came across an article on blogging.As I also have a passion for cooking and have a large collection of tried and tasted recipes I thought it apt to start a food blog.After all the trial and run methods I finally created my blog.Inially I did not know how to go about but kept posting.It was then I happened to speak to my dear friend Bharathy of SPICY CHILLY who also had just started her food blog.It was with all her guidance and support today Iam contributing the 100th post.

I would like to share this wonderful Chocolate Cake recipe which would melt in your mouth.If you are lazy and do not want to cook just bake this cake and your children will not trouble you for food.I bet they will have this for breakfast,lunch and dinner as well.This happens in my house.The only thing is I need to spend a whole day to make a minimum of 3 recipes as just a cake is over in a jiffy.Iam instructed to bake thrice or don't do at all.

An icing cake is usually bought for birthday.I wanted to try my hand on icing after nearly 3 years and not bad I satisfied my son.My children have approved of my icing skills now and I'll practice my hands on it too.

So here is my treat for the 100th post

White Butter-225gms
Cocoa powder-25gms
Baking powder-21/2 tsp
Vanilla essence-1tsp
Milk-1/2 to 3/4 cup

Cream butter and sugsr till light and fluffy
Add yolks one at a time
Fold in flour,cocoa,baking powder(all seived together 2-3 times)
Add stiffly beaten egg whites
Lastly pour in enough milk to pour in a greased baking tin
Bake at 150-170 C for 45min to 1 hour or till baked
To check prick in a skewer if it comes out clean then the cake is done

ICING-I use white butter for the icing along with icing sugar and required food colours


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I thank all my fellow bloggers for your encouragement and support.Happy blogging.
I just came across Bindiya's MY FAVOURITE THINGS-CAKES AND MUFFINS,so this recipe goes to her event as well.


Sagari said...

beautiful cake renuka and congrats for your 100 post

renuka said...

thanks sagari

Bharathy said...

CONGRATSSSS!!!! :D...athukkulla 100 a? :0 !!!
Thnks for mention..but you have worked very hard with minimum help from my side, renuka!!
Keep posting...with photos! :)
You ROCK!!!

Bharathy said...

BTW...Send me a slice acroos when you bake that gorgeous cake next!(need not strain yourself with icing etc) ;)
..fantastic pictures!!Cute icing to top too :)

bindiya said...

That's such a professional looking cake, congrats on your 100th post and thanks for such a great entry!

Rajitha said...

Renuka..the cake and that icing looks great!! congrats on ur
100th :)

renuka said...

thanks bharathy but i'll need to hide them before sending them as i said sometimes i'll not get a piece to taste too

thanks for your encouraging words bindiya and rajitha