November 05, 2007


The concept of making sweets for Deepavali was different when I was unmarried.I was brought up in a nuclear family,both parents working and my mom used to make easiest of the sweets and savouries.It totally changed once married in a joint family and all intricate recipes of sweets and savouries took over and that too in large quantities for distribution.Even now I do not do the traditional ones myself,maybe I gave got used to it over the years.Iam confident in trying other modern recipes but not these.My MIL always would say next year you better do,I would escape by doing all the prelims and helping her but never done it alone.
Usually the sweets would be Badam halwa,Mysore pak,Jangari/Badusha and of course all time favourite and highest ranking sweet amoung us Jamoons.The savouries would be Thenkuzhal,Mixture,Karasev/Olapakoda.It is also done in the back yard with firewood.Initially we used to prepare a week before packing and distributing 3 days before, but now with children around we have changed to preparing just 3 days before.So friends,as the savoury recipes are common I would share with you the Badam halwa and Mysore pak made traditionally
I have already posted BADAM HALWA
The Mysore pak currently available now in the shops are very soft but this is the traditional one with holes all around and crispy too

Gram flour-1cup
Ghee-1 1/2cup
Water-as required

Take a thick bottomed kadai and add sugar to it
Pour water just the sugar level
Boil this to one string consistency
Simaltaneously grease a plate,set it aside and heat the ghee on low flame so that the ghee is poured hot to the flour mixture
After the string consistency is arrived add the gram flour to it and stir continously till it boils
Now start adding ghee little by little continously
We could see the flour bubbling up everytime and ghee getting absorbed
Keep stirring until you get layers and the mixture leaves the sides of the kadai
Pour immediately to the greased plate level it and leave it to set for 10 to 15 mins
Cut to pieces store in dry container
Relish the traditional taste
This post is also my entry for VEE'S JFS:DIWALI EVENT


Sirisha Kilambi said...

Nice recipe for MysorePak renuka......Happy Diwali in advance :-)

Bharathy said...

Enjoyed reading the post Renuka!..
I too fall in the category like you do...:)..My MIL and her mom busy with a couple of maids working in the backyard with all the "Viraku aduppu" setting and me loitering around doing mssnger jobs to and fro like fetching things and mixing and putting away in and out the vessels.
Now I truly regret for being irresponsible!..
I still have to learn the authentic delicacies of Diwali!

Thanks for sharing them renuka..these really are a great treasure!!:D

Bharathy said...
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renuka said...

Bharathy have u rcd d pack did u identify call when u r free