November 13, 2007


We can have a beautiful skin no matter what our age,race or colour.The face is one of the first parts of our body to show signs of aging.Natural products are the best way to get rid of the toxins.Good daily skin care is cheaper than a visit to the beautician.Here are some tips

The leaves are best for pimples
Take a few leavesof basil,mint and a tablespoon of yogurt
Grind to paste and apply on the pimples gently
Wash off afterb 15 min for a glowing skin

Good for oily skin,can be used with sandalwood powder,wheat husk and a few drops of lime juice

Excellent for dark circles and puffiness around eyes
Mix cucumber juice with equal quantity of milk and chill it
Soak cotton pads in it and keep them on your eyes for 10min
Cucumber juice can be added to any face pack

Both white and yellow have different properties
With egg white,a few drops of lime juice and a teaspoon of semolina makes a nourishing pack for oily skin
Yellow of egg is good for dry skin
Mix 1 tbsp each of fresh milk,rose water and powder of dried peas with egg yolk and apply and keep for half an hour
Wash off first with milk and then water

It is a natural moisturiser
Daily application makes dry and dull face glow
Mix honey with few drops of lemon juice and rinse off after 20 min

It is used for acne treatment as it is a good cleanser for oily skin
Take the juice of mint leaves and refrigerate it in an air tight container
Apply it with moist cotton and wash off with water
The juice remains fresh for a week

This is a kind of natural bleach
Should not be directly applied on the face
Mix with either milk cream or honey for dry skin
Mix with sandalwood powder or yogurt for oily skin

This is good for all skin
Can be used with gram or rice flour
Mix rose water,glycerin and lemon juice in 1:1:1/2 prppotion respectively
Makes an excellent body lotion for dry and normal skin and can be applied anytime

Best cream for dry skin
Daily application of gram flour mixed with 1 tsp each of milk cream and honey is a permanent solution for dry skin
Can be applied on both face and body and this pack will turn your skin satin smooth

Dry and powder the neem leaves
Take 1 tsp of the powder,add egg white and apply on pimples for immediate results

An excellent antiseptic,a pinch can be added to all face packs
Never apply directly but mixedwith other things

The pulp is useful for dry skin
Take half a cup of mashed papaya and a tsp each of water,melon juice,lime juice and honey mix well and apply for natural glow to skin
Effective for dark arms,feet,knees and elbows