November 12, 2007


HAIR A hot oil massage weekly once will strengthen the hair roots
DANDRUFF For dandruff make a paste of neem leaf,tulsi leaf and henna leaf and apply as pack on hair,leave for 15 min and wash
EYEBROWS To get thick eyebrows ,apply lukewarm castor oil and massage the eyebrows and leave overnight there will be difference in a month
EYES For tired eyes soak cotten pads in cold milk and on the eyes for sometime
NOSE Soak 10 rose petals in hot water for 1/2 an hour and grind to paste.Apply this on nose to remove the blackness on the nose
LIPS Use petroleum jelly for dry lips
TEETH Mix salt with few drops of lime juice and clean your teeth weekly once for a sparkling effect
WRINKLE FACE For wrinkle free face mix 2tsp each of coconut oil and badam oil apply and wash after 10 min
GLOWING FACE For a glowing face mix 1tbsp orange peel powder with 1 tbsp of boiled milk,apply on face and massage upwards for 2min and wash with cold water
HANDS Apply vaseline for soft hands or apply curd on both hands massage for 5 min and wash in lukewarm water
LEGS Soak legs in soap water for few minutes and use pumice stone/foot file for removing the dead cells


Bharathy said...

hmm...except for henna I dont care much when it comes to my body:) for my feet, I dont have patience to scrub with the pumice stone...instead karinkallu le parak prak nnu theyppen..;D