October 04, 2007


Curd will definitely taste and smell different,if you set 500ml milk in a clay pot
with half a teaspoon of roasted cumin seeds and 2tsps of finely chopped coriander

To get a smooth and even top surface of the cake,put on the bottom heater of the
oven first.When the cake has risen,then put on the top heater too.The cake will have a smooth and even crust which is also easy for putting on icing

Instead of using refined flour or maida to make white sauce,substitute it with
wheat flour.It is nutritious as it has higher fibre content and the sauce will
become more tasty too

To shed less tears while chopping onions,cut the root end of the onion last/freeze or refrigerate the onion before chopping /peel under cold water or soak it in water for sometime before chopping

Unmoulding gelatine or jelly desserts perfectly is quite a difficult job,this tip will surely make it easier.Rinse the mould dish/pan in cold water and then coat it with salad oil,your jelly mould will drop out easily and will have an appealing lustre too


Sirisha Kilambi said...

Good ones there Renuka......:-)

Mansi Desai said...

The 3rd tip is new for me! thx for sharing renuka:)

Bharathy said...

All the tips are new for me!!:)