October 08, 2007



Dear friends, the festive season is ahead of us with Navarathri starting from Wednesday."GOLU" is part and parcel of this nine day festival where dolls are arranged in steps and pooja done everyday.We call our friends and relatives as it is considered to be very auspicious.Here are some useful tips for those who celebrate with "GOLU"

We can by using the disposable plates make different kinds of kolams on it with Navadhanyam(different types of pulses),Arisipori(puffed rice),Javarisi(sago),Salt,Small shells,Colour powders,Jigina advance and keep them in front of "GOLU" steps every day

Add a little kesari powder to the wet rice flour, the kolam will look attractive

Along with the other dolls ,display the handicrafts which you have made which will give you satisfaction

All of us definitely will have old copper and brass items which we can display as "Traditional"

Instead of giving kumkum box we can give sthem in small packets and also give camphor,incense sticks ,samprani and other pooja items which tthey can use

When displaying small plastic dolls stick them to the floor with fevistick so that they do not fall when you switch on the fan

I'll share some interesting facts of celebrating this festival which i have come acroos over the years.Some interesting "SUNDAL" varieties will also be posted for you to try during Navarathri


Latha Narasimhan said...

Renuka dear, all your ideas for golu are great!:)) do post pictures of your golu!
Try the cookies. I too made with out eggs and butter as lakshmi(My daughter) has posted. It came out well!:))
I am not yet in festive mood as my parents have taken ill.:(

Sharmi said...

thanks so much for the great tips. is it your own or you mom's, grand mom's? very nice indeed!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Nice tips Renuks...the festival is so close now...getting excited :-)