October 16, 2007


Having shared with you all about planning a party for the festive season and before giving you some easy mouthwatering recipes for DIWALI here are some tips for choosing your new clothes for the festival.

As the festive season is on with so many offers and new designer clothes thronging the bazaars we women will always take a lot of time in selecting even a single saree,all of you will agree with me right!I've seen guys and children grumbling and waiting for you until you shop.The best suggestion is go alone or with a few friends who love to shop,unless your guy is also a shopping freak and helps to select your clothes which I think is a very rare.

Each one of us have different tastes on the way we dress.Stick to it.Do not go for clothes which you see everyone are wearing,let yours be unique.Select a dress which suits you according to your body frame.All of us do not possess a figure like a model perfect.Do not grumble but love your body,as it is not the outer appearance but your inner qualities that matters.It does not mean that you can freak out with food but you should be healthy.

Here are some tips to clothe which I had collected from a magazine some years ago
Let's start with the hips.No one has a perfect hip,but they can be concealed easily

Wear slip skirts under 80cm long trapeze blouses
Keep a wide scooped neckline with focus on the face
Wear layers and sheer overblouses that confuse the eye
Wear shoulder pads only if your hips are under 110cm
Go for soft fluid fabric that does not fall too limp or too close to the body
Avoid too much color or large prints,especially below the bodice area
No shorts except knee length bermudas and no short fitted jackets
Try wrap skirts,flared skirts or panel skirt without gathering

Heavy Arms

Avoid sleeveless,cap sleeved and short sleeved or any puffed sleeve styles
Wear slim cut,long sleeves with cuffs and kimono style sleeves
A slimmer fit from the elbow to the wrist creates an illusion of slimness and length
For heavy arms on a large frame body try angel or bell sleeves
Pay attention to armhole cut.Too wide or loose it accentuates a heavy arm

Broad Shoulders

Neckline should be round,scooped,U or V necks
In collar styles opt for shawl collars,those resemble scarves such as sailor style in soft fabric
Stay away from empire line dresses,tight jackets,puffed sleeves and gathered sleeves

Large Busts
The best are A-line,asymmetric styles,knitted type twin sets and princess line styles
Stay away from yoke garments,empire line waists or raised waists
Don't wear yoked shirts,peter pan collars
The best collars are shawl type ones,closed at the centre or extended to an asymmetric closure

Wide Waists
Do not wear waisted styles and gathered waistlines
If you needed to wear a waisted wear a loose coloured shirt over a dark colour skirt or trousers
Keep neckline simple and classic
Wear flowing styles
A short blouse,cut at 50cm helps conceal wide waist.It will not work if you had large hips
Blouses or kurtas with long slits create slimmer line for wide waist
Wear knitted type twin sets or a camisole with a loose overshirt,worn open
Draw attention to other flattering areas such as good arms,toned legs or nice shoulders by revealing these areas

Thunder Thighs
Wear wrap skirts,flared and slim line skirts
Avoid trousers or wear blouse out in longer length,with side slits
Don't wear bright colours.Opt for dark trousers or skirts
Wear soft fabrics

Indian Style
The best bulge concealer is a loosely draped soft crepe sari
Emphasis on the neckline of the choli which should be cut wide
Your jewellery and make-up should complement the sari
Wear a suitable hairstyle also

Worn well the INDIAN SAREE is the ultimate answer to any bulge promblem.My tips on choosing salwars and sarees will follow shortly


Bharathy said...

Great tips, you have shared here, Renuka..
But saree would be my laaaaast option to conceal my heavy body structure :D