September 16, 2007


Thank you SOBILA.Iam sorry for the delay as Iam in the learning process of computers and blogging.Iam dumbstruck seeing the food blogs and all efforts and creativity of my dear blogging friends and Iam enjoying it to the fullest.So let me start

1.A moderately traditional,religious and simple person I welcome POSITIVE changes in any aspect

2.A friendly person and respect FRIENDSHIP and can get along with anyone

3.My passions are cooking stiching dance music and of course MY FAMILY

4.HELPING others even in a very small way is my inborn character

5.Any situation whether good or bad though a little pessimist in the start I always create a CONFIDENCE in me that i can do it (iam blogging today)

6.I admire WOMEN ACHIEVERS from any strata of society (admiring all you blogging friends)

7.I feel, to voice in our VIEWS there is definitely a way to put forward without hurting others

Iam yet to get familiar with some blogging friends for me to TAG which I will do very shortly


Sharmi said...

it was nice to know a lil about you!

Sobila said...

Nice meme renuka! happy knowing you,u can tag anyblogger & make them friends :)

Bharathy said...

Sorry Renuka...wonder how I missed this post!!

Point by point analysation..:)..bcoz you cannot escape form me..u see ;) :)

1.Ok Admitted 100%

2.Yes 100%

3.Hmm yes with cooking and and dance??.. never knew that..Ok.Beware...I am going to make you sing and dance soon!! ;)

4. Yes yes 1001%!!!!

5.Oh yes 100%

6.I know you do admire bloggers including your friend who is typing here for the same..(who is really proud of you,Renuka..)
but.. Hmm women..Any strata??? Hmmmmmmmm..;)

7.Of course, Renuka..hurting ppl is one of the devilish characters  admit, dear..

*…Very nice meme Renuka..I enjoyed every word of it!!!..evn if I know you as one of my best pals!!!...*