September 20, 2007

When ear and neck jewellery is being selected the shape of the face and the length of the neck play a central role.To determine individual proportions divide the face into three parts

Forehead-Hairline to eyebrows

Eye and Nose Area-Eyebrows to the tip of the nose

Mouth and Chin Area-Tip of the nose to chin

The individual parts fit harmoniously together
The face is somewhat longer than it is wide
The corners appear softly rounded
The cheek line and chin result in a pleasant rounding off
The eyebrows clearly stand out

The most versatile and basic face for wearing jewellery
The entire jewellery selection can be an option for an oval face
Round earrings suit just as well as drop earrings
V-shaped chains delight as do short round chains
Fine tune this versality on the basis of personal clothing style,complexion and hair and eye colour

Vertical lines dominate and make the forehead appear higher
The cheekbones narrower and chin more pointed than they really are
It is advantageous to highlight the horizontal

The right jewellery can optically shorten the proportions of the face
Earrings can be flashy
Round,button shaped clips create expressive excitement
Hoops are excellent options as they let the chin area appear wider
Avoid long earrings as lengthen the face
Necklaces have balancing effect
Wide,short chains,round pearls or a choker are excellent choice
Avoid long,thin,V-shaped chains

The chin and cheek parts appear slightly angular giving the total face a somewhat short and wide look
The face has a slight severity which can be softened with accessories

The severity can be toned down through the use of soft ,flowing forms which gives the face a playful touch
Earrings effective here are spirals,drops or oval shapes
Avoid square shapes
Pearls on a soft flowing Necklace are ideal
Avoid chokers as the optically separate the face from the body

The individual parts appear to fit within a circular shape
The cheekbones are emphasised making the chin seem small and the eyebrows relatively narrow
Strong symmetry dominates the face

Stretching the face optically is recommended
Curved or sweeping forms and rounded lines have a harmonious effect
Circular forms like hoops should be avoided
Earrings narrow clips or stick shaped allow the face to appear longer
Drops or clips whether spiral shaped,square or oval
Avoid large round shapes
Chains should not sit too tightly around the neck
Long chains or long pendants reduce the roundness of face and have a balancing effect
~Avoid large heavy spherical pendants