August 20, 2007

Sweet 'N' Sour Raita

Cucumber chopped-2nos
Capsicum chopped-2nos
Big onions chopped-2nos
Green chillies chopped-3to4 nos
Dates chopped-50 gms
Roasted peanuts skinned-100 gms
Lime juice-from 1(as required)
Thick curds-2 cups beaten
Fresh cream-2 tsp optional
Sugar-1 tsp
Salt-to taste

Method -Mix all the above ingredients and serve chilled.


Bharathy said...

One of the recipes I really love..

Renuka...the new template looks GREAT!!!

By the way I have a pleasant surprise for you in my latest post(JFI-post)Collect them when time permits..

Sobila,of Iniya thamizh virunthu has tagged you!!!!!!Take up the TAG post ASAP!!Bcoz I am looking forward to that impatiently :)

P.S-hope you dint mean ME when you said I can get along with anyone even if u don't like them...:D!!!

Well done renuka!!Keep up your good work!!