August 28, 2007

Oils:Vital For Body

OILS-We Indians cannot prepare a meal without this item!Apart from imparting a satisfying texture to foods that increases palatability,they are required for a variety of mechanical and biological functions in our body.Oils are the carriers of fat soluble vitamins A,D and K.They are also a rich source of antioxidants that help in building up our resistance levels.Here are some of the better oils that possess good properties and are useful for health.

SOYA BEAN OIL Introduced a few years ago-belongs to legume family-oil extracted from yellow coloured egg shaped beans-unrefined oil excellent in vitamin E-best source of vegetable protein-processed to create several types of food-world's most nutritious and versatile source of food.

SAFFLOWER OIL Origin can be traced in India-belongs to thistle family-earlier cultivated for its reddish flavours used to dye garments-now oil from its seeds used for cooking-high in polyunsaturated-unrefined rich in omega 6 group of essencial fatty acids and vitamin E.

GROUNDNUT OIL Comes from peanut kernels-same family as soya bean-raw peanuts are nutritious and consist of about 45% oil,30% protein and valuable quatities of iron and vitamin B and E.

GRAPESEED OIL Highest polyunsaturated fatty acids,second only to safflower oil-refined is light and tasteless-useful as a natural base for salad dressing-fine texture and odourless used as massage oil.

CORN OIL High in polyunsaturates-good source of Omega 6 group essential fatty acids

COCONUT OIL Used highly in Kerala-used in cosmetic industry-preparation of bakery items-used as massage oil-use of scraped coconut kernel mixed with honey or jaggery as a wholesome food.

OLIVE OIL High in saturated fats ,source ofbasic fatty acids rich in vitamins A,D,E and K-prevents coronary heart disease-good for digestive system-graded into 3 categories-flavour,colour,taste and acidity level

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Produced by the first pressing of oil fruit within 24 hours through cold pressing process.

OLIVE OIL Obtained by chemically refining to remove imperfections then blended with virgin olive oil to make it edible.

OLIVE POMACE OIL Obtained by heating the olive residue with solvents to extract the oil-loses its flovour and odour but retains all the benefits of virgin olive oil-suited oil for Indian households-does not change the flavour or taste
of Indian cuisines-gives healthy benefits-regular use work wonders for skin and hair.


Some recipes with olive oil to follow.......shortly.