September 17, 2009


As I had mentioned in my earlier GOLU is an important event in Tamilnadu.I remember my days of chidhood when we used to unpack,arrange dolls,buy new ones,set theme parks and invite our friends and it used to be real fun.But all households do not follow this and so after my marriage no more of Golu work.I would like to share my experiences and how we used to arrange the dolls.

The GOLU starts on PURATASI AMAVASAI also known as MAHALAYA AMAVASAI which is on September 19th this year.

The steps arranged depends on the collection of dolls and usually in odd numbers

Ready made steps are available and I remember our dining table used along with bricks and wooden planks as steps

Decorate the steps according to your creativity

Kalasam,usually a brass pot is used,is prepared and placed either in the middle of the top step or on the last one

Arrange the dolls,usually all Gods and Goddesses occupy the top step,followed by national leaders etc

Dolls made of mud and wooden dolls were a must those days but today dolls are made with paper.

Buy atleast one new doll every year

After arranging the dolls draw kolam in front of the steps and this can be done everyday

Light the Kuthuvillaku and do pooja with bettleleaves,nuts,fruits and flowers with any NeivediyamThis should be done everyday in the morning and evening

Aarathi should be taken every night for the Golu steps

Give Thambulam and Sundal to whoever visits