July 20, 2009


Iam due in sharing some kitchen tips now

If any gravy becomes spicy,just grind little coconut and add to the gravy with few drops of lime juice

Dry roast 2 cinnamon,2 cloves,a teaspoon of fried gram and a teaspoon of khus-khus and dry grind without adding water and store in fridge.This can be used for kurmas while cooking during the hectic morning hours

For a white coconut chutney along with chilli and salt add few drops of lime juice instead of tamarind

Three things to be followed while making murukku-While making the dough add butter or lukewarm oil to it.Fry in low flame only without over heating

While making venpongal dry roast the moong dal a little for a tastier pongal


roma said...

nice tips. I liked the kurma idea :)

Parita said...

Your tips are really very useful dear, keep posting them :) said...

Great Tips. Good!