June 20, 2009


Set dosai and vadai kari is a popular dish in hotels in Tamilnadu.I remember my grandmom making vadai kari with the left over vadais made for Deepavali.It's an excellent combo.Though there is a recipe for set dosai with combination of raw rice,idli rice and urad dal,I use the regular dosa batter with very little food colour

IngredientsFor Vadai
Channa dal-1 cup
Red chilly-3
Ginger-a piece
Garlic-3 flakes
Curry leaves-a few
Asafoetida-a pinch
Salt-to taste
Oil-for deep frying

For gravy
Ginger-1 inch piece
Garlic-5 flakes
Chilly powder-2 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves-a few
Asafoetida-1/2 tsp
Salt-as required

For Seasoning
Oil-as required
Saunf-1 tsp
Cinnamon-1 piece

To Grind
Saunf-2 tsp
Grated coconut-1/4 cup

For Vadai
Soak the dal for an hour and grind coarsely with red chilly,using very little water
Cut onions,ginger,garlic,curry leaves finely
Add this with the dal and mix well by adding salt
Heat oil make small rounds,press flat and deep fry till done

For Gravy
Heat oil and season with the ingredients
Add finely chopped onions,ginger and galic and saute well
Add chilly powder,turmeric powder,salt and finely cut tomatoes and saute
Grind saunf and coconut to fine paste and add with required water and allow to boil
Crumble the vadai to pieces and mix to the boiling gravy
Finally garnish with curry leaves,asafoetida and coriander leaves
Serve hot with dosa,idli,chapathi

For health concious, can steam the vadai instead of deep frying and follow the same procedure

Add just a drop of yellow food colour to the batter and mix well
Make thick and small dosas like uthappam and serve with vadai kari


Ann said...

This looks yumm, 'll have to try the vada kari :)

Poornima Nair said...

Delicious dishes.

Parita said...

Vadai kari looks yummy!

Nags said...

my absolute fave chettinad dish vada curry :)

rekhas kitchen said...

wow Set dosai and vada curry mmmm mouthwatering. yummy entry.

Divya Kudua said...

I tasted vada curry at a friends place and loved it.But didnt get the same taste when I tasted it at a restaurant..let me try your version now:)